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04 January 2007


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Whenever my flight route is over NWFP and beyond, I am just amazed at the landscape. On one particular flight I found myself reading Kiterunner even as we were flying over that terrain. Rugged, beautiful and obviously hard to live in..

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

Anu: Your story about Afghanistan was interesting. It reminded me of the days when I was a student in Colegio Internacional Carabobo [an American School in Venezuela] and I had to do a report on Afghanistan [1979]. For my report and after, I would listen to Radio Afghanistan and Radio Tashkent for news about the war in Afghanistan and the last years of Najibullah [1989-1992]. Roberto

Mokadasa ilyas nabi

I really like your story cause i am afghan who was born in afghanistan, and left when i was only 2 years old because the war started. I learned more about afghanistan and start loving my country i have never really seen before true your eyes. Thank you very much!

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