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07 January 2007


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i will have to try that salad sometime. tarquin's bird picture is fantastic!

sharon craig

I'm glad you noted the recipe for the radish salad, you had mentioned it in conversation once. An American friend called those huge white radishes (what I wanted to call a "horse radish") a jicama. I think jicama are smaller though. Anyways, whatever they are, they are the only vegetable in Kabul that stays crispy even with the freeze, so I'll be making the salad sometime this week.

Roberto Alvarez-Galloso

In case my first comments did not arrive at your blog, the photos of the birds were great. In Miami Florida, we have a place called Parrot Jungle with different types of parrots, snakes, and [I think] the world's only Liger [Lion mixed with a Tiger].

sonu kumar

i also have a love for charpais! i just built the frame (using screws and metal brackets of course,...but i haven't figured out how to string it. i didn't think about this part until i was actually at that point.

have you since found the secret to stringing the charpai...and can you explain it to me?
would be much much appreciated



Now-a-days Nylon strings are used for Charpai.
Traditional was handmade jute which I remember elders were excellent during weaving.


The first modern trampoline was built by George Nissen and Larry Griswold in 1936.[1] Nissen was a gymnastics and diving competitor and Griswold was a tumbler on the gymnastics team, both at the University of Iowa, USA. They had observed trapeze artists using a tight net to add entertainment value to their performance and experimented by stretching a piece of canvas, in which they had inserted grommets along each side,

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