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20 January 2007


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Hello from Colorado, USA. I just finished reading Salaam Brick Lane, and just wanted to let you both kow how much I enjoyed your story. I picked the book up on a whim while shopping at a bookstore in London. I got so involved with all of the different characters you wrote of. It was full of history and information I would read aloud to anyone who would listen to me. I read the story of your friends who killed the goose in the park at our Christmas dinner. I thought it was a perfect story of how we all should treat eachother...not the goose killing part...but when he shared the leftovers with the tramp afterwards.

It was a book I wished hadn't ended, but as I looked online for more of your books was happy to find your webpage and then this blog. I've been reading for a while, but wanted to say hello properly and tell you I really loved your writing styles. I especially loved the entries from Afghanistan.



You'll have to give me many books. Since you included 'scooter' on the list... I often see five people riding on a scooter. And I recall on occasion I'd seen six people on a moped. Drats. If only I'd taken pictures.


saw one with 5 people- 3 kids
immdtly drafted a post but cud not e ven find a pic that depictd the scene

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