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27 February 2007


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I love that phrase 'buri nazar', does that make me evil?? When I used to work in a Gujerati newsagent, in London, the owner would hang up a fresh averter every Saturday, discarding the old one at a road junction. I always thought the logic behind the chilli and the lemon was to sting the evil eye and debilitate it, and disposing of it at a junction was to confuse the evil if it wished to return.

Nesrin Akyuz

The Covered Bazaar of Istanbul is one of the largest shopping centres on the world. Here, there are plenty of shops selling glass evil eye beads only. The eye bead and the objects with the eye bead figure attract great interest from the tourists. They also believe that it prevents bad luck and brings good luck. That's why they are so interested in glass eye beads and the objects that have this symbol. The blue evil eye bead amulets are in a creative collaboration with the other decorative arts in Istanbul. To decorate something, the first item you think of is the eye beads or their figure. Either the eye beads decorate an object or they are decorated by some other objects.
Visit documentary site:


I find it difficult to explain 'the evil eye' to my significant other :) This may help!

Wendy Love

Can't stand superstitions.. don't stand under the ladder, the black cat, broken mirrors, standing on the corner of the table and such.

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