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16 April 2007


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Shaan Khan

I am very sorry to hear about your loss. My condolences to you and the family of the Alan Johnston.

On a broader issue, I wonder why journalists are targeted. A journalist, most of the times, is merely trying to bring forth the truth. Many a times I read that those that do not want the truth to be revealed do the killing, and then plant the blame on some usual suspect, a scapegoat.

But then sometimes I wonder if the journalist are telling the truth then why do we not see that truth in our local newspapers or on our local TV? Why is it that while (for example) world renowned professors like Steven Walt (Professor at Harvard) and John Mearsheimer (Professor at Univ of Chicago) have been risking their lives and livelihood by speaking the truth, New York Times, Guardian, Sky TV and Foxnews have very little to say about Walt-Mearsheimer ( you can download their paper from Harvard University$File/rwp_06_011_walt.pdf ) yet a lot of coverage on Anna Nicole Smith and Sanjaya.

I pray for the family of Alan Johnston and all those who have died due to oppression.

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