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07 March 2008


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Amy Kline

And off you go on yet another chapter! Al Jazeera, eh? Good grief, woman, you've already had enough adventure for a couple lifetimes. Do keep writing here and keep us up to speed. Have fun settling in.

Antonio Olmos

But how much did the flat you finally rented cost???..We want full disclosure!!!


Good to know you have arrived Delhi. It's very difficult to find a good house in cities. I don't know much about Delhi but in Mumbai, it's horrible. I am not saying that you won't get good house but it comes with huge price.

I have been roaming around to buy a small (that's what one can afford in Mumbai) house. Sellers are quoting whatever price they want. They have created the fake scarcity of houses and hence price has gone up and it continues to go up. Someone told me other day that 90 per cent of the flats are bought by investors (from UAE, US, Singapore and also India). New buildings are coming up every where throughout the year but when you go for buying, you won’t get good flat with good price. People are talking about India’s great bull run. Many finance analyst talking about India’s stock market which is doing well until recently. They are very much optimistic about stock market’s good show in future. I’m very bad in maths and numbers. Someone told me property price will come down because of the stock market crash. Yes it comes down but after going up for 10 times. India is no more an isolated country. It’s stock market is very much vulnerable to global market movements. It’s becoming a developed nation. But I wonder if that’s called development. Am I becoming a cynical person?……taking about bad effect of globalization. I think I am an ordinary person. And my basic needs are : roti, kapda aur makan (food, cloths and house). But sadly, in today’s time, to lead a life of an ordinary person, you need to be rich.

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