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05 March 2009


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I don't know how to trackback, but I added this post to my own blog today. I enjoy your blog so much. Thank you for your stories.


just stumbled upon this story (the risks of folowwing a link to a link and so on.. ;-): it makes me itchy. About this culture where women do about everthing and men about nothing, and that's how it is.
I hope you will keep track of her, somehow, and I also hope this lazy non-husband will live long, as being a widow is worse..

mahashakti dasi

I just happened upon your blog today. I am a westerner living in India so I have seen so many women struggling like this. It breaks my heart, and I wonder how they manage to keep it up and look so cheerful. You posted about Kavita way back in March 2009. How is she doing today, I wonder?
Thank you :)

anu anand

Hi Mahashakti,

Kavita is still in Delhi. We were supposed to return to live there full time earlier this year, but it's been postponed. Once we arrive, she will have one full-time employer! I've been paying her a retainer so that she doesn't have to find another part-time job til we arrive (seems only fair)... Her kids' school saga continues, though I've committed to paying for extra after-school tuition and bus fare. I've also paid for her to take a western cookery course and hopefully will help her learn English to improve her prospects long term. So finger's crossed, I think things will slowly continue to improve for her.

Thanks for asking!


Women have always shouldered the weight of the world, haven't they...I hope the best for Kavita.

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