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07 December 2011


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Anu, this is wonderful. Rooted in every sense of the word.

How much did the Pandit charge you ?

Anu Anand Hall

Hi. He didn't 'charge' me anything. I asked around and found out that it's customary to make some kind of donation to your Panda. So I think I gave each one (mom's side and dad's side Pandas) something like Rs 1000 ($20) each. A bargain for what I got in return I think!!

Edgard Padilla

I am from Puerto Rico a small island from the Caribbean. I just found out today, that my great great grandfather was from India!. This is kind of very rare in my case. For the first time I comprehend why some of my grand uncles, look like from from India. I grew up in a small town in the east coast of Puerto Rico. It feels great and at the same time strange. Very few from the island have India heritage. Just my two cents, Ed Padilla,

Anu Anand Hall

Dear Ed, how extraordinary!! How did you come to discover this? What is the story? I know a lot of Indians were shipped to the Caribbean and to South America to work in plantations, etc. Is that how he arrived in the New World? Do you know where in India he came from? Best wishes, Anu


Ms, next time you are in India, I'd suggest you humor me with a visit to a southern town called Vaidheeshwaran Koil. It has something equally revealing when you ask for Nadi Sastra.

The magic of India.

Insightful article though, however with people keeping blogs and digital stores, it may not be so difficult to tracking Ancestory.

I recall my own efforts at trying to find my Ancestory and hitting a wall. As in your own case, very few people were bothered with actual heritage and facts, more with rituals and customs lost in time. My grand mothers sister, helped me find a good number of facts and information I was seeking. I can fully emphasise with you.

My ancestors did not do any signatures, through tenacity and interviews with anyone and everyone who knew us, I managed to trace back to 1700 or so and then gets lost into myths, and those incidentally my Ancestory back to three thousand plus years ago.

I started this twenty years ago as a kid right after my sacred thread ceremony and what a journey and revelation it has been this long....still continuing my hunt.


Anu Anand Hall

Wow, Sesh, that's impressive! I will indeed check out Vaidheeshwaran Koil- which state is it in? Thanks for sharing your story. Very inspiring and I hope it helps others on the search for their past.

Keep me posted on your efforts.


Your quest of your family's history in the holy town of Haridwaris astonishing,to say the least

Your narration style is so gripping that when your eyes watered with delight and your hands shook with glee,I felt I was there with you !

Felt so glad that your mission was achieved.

Are you a professional writer ?

Whatever it is you are some one extra ordinary !Thats for sure.

With best regards and best wishes for you and your family

And with admiration

s.nagaraja kumar

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