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07 April 2012


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Krishnan Guruswamy

Tut, tut, Anu. Tea bags must be stripped: tea grounds, paper, cardboard, string and the metal staple. Can't believe you don't do that. Throw in some earthworms and watch the stuff disappear.

Anu Anand Hall

Now hang on a second Mr. Farmer! The grounds, paper and cardboard are compostable! I grant you the string may not break down fully, but it's hardly toxic! And you clearly aren't an organic tea drinker... what staple??! Tee hee. We'll have to get together to trade tips over some feni soon!


Delightful Anu. And couldn't agree with you more about English cottage Gardens and the delight of getting your own hands dirty in a backyard. We have succeeded in growing some great English veggies in containers in balconies as well as flowers from bulbs. At provide a e-newsletter free to our members with gardening tips specific to India as well as a monthly gardening almanac. Our readers have positively enjoyed reading this and contributed to its usefulness!

Anu Anand Hall

Very interesting! Will you tell me more about who you are and how you started your company? Please send me an email.



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