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31 May 2012


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Anu, do you feel that your family will remain in India for the foreseeable future, given your ties to England and the US? It must be frustrating to endure your present living conditions, especially since you've experienced the alternatives. I am of Indian ancestry and it saddens me to no end what the vast majority of Indians put up with. Time for Revolution?

Anu Anand Hall

Hi Alana, I hate being negative about India because I so love living here and feel very blessed that we have the chance to give our children time in India. It's precisely as you say-- saddening -- when you see what average, hard-working people here have to endure. Today's a perfect example. We woke up to sheets and torrents of rain in Delhi. Apart from making it a very wet travel experience, rain shouldn't really have much effect. Yet because there are no drains, the roads flood. So bicyclists, rickshaws and motorcycles can't travel. What's more, people with expensive imported cars seem terrified too, so they all stick to the dry side of the road, causing ridiculous jams. My son's school closed as a result of the rain... not their fault... but can you imagine that happening anywhere else? It brought the city to a near halt until mid-day! Fine if you have nothing to do!! How can the government project India as a shining investment destination under these circumstances? And if investment doesn't keep flooding in, how will India grow fast enough to create the MILLIONS of jobs its young people need? Sad sad sad.

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