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30 May 2012


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Anne-Trine Benjaminsen

Ok, this must be the solution for me.... Next time I go to India I will buy children's books in order to learn some Hindi!! Or, any other solution for a grown-up......?

Anu Anand Hall

Hi Anne, that's great you're trying to learn Hindi! Yes, a couple of suggestions for adults, as my husband has also been trying to learn for some time. The best method he's found is Rosetta Stone, which uses visual images and repeated audio to teach Hindi. You can do it on your computer anytime and it's very accurate, conversational Hindi. The other great method (and more affordable) is the Pimsleur method:

You can also buy a set from Amazon:

I think these days you can also practice speaking a variety of languages by hooking up with like-minded learners through Skype! I haven't tried it, but that could be really useful. Hope this help and keep me posted on how you're getting on!

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