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16 July 2012


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Being a full-time working mother in the US, I completely empathize with your dilemma of trying to accomplish "it all", professionally and personally. The demands on women these days are unrealistic and insurmountable. Though gender equality in the professional arena has brought greatness to our ranks, unfortunately, we are still expected to be supermoms and superwives, and in the end, the one person who gets missed when trying to please everyone, is ourselves. How does one separate worklife and motherhood? You can't. They are not mutually exclusive and others such as employers, clients, customers (and even relatives) can be quite insensitive to that fact. It is a hard struggle every day. There's no way to honey-coat it. Working mothers have it HARD. By the way, your children are so beautiful!

Anu Anand Hall

Why golly, thank you! My hats off to you for being a full-time working mother, especially in the US, where you might have better infrastructure, but in some ways that makes your life even harder! Seriously, I don't know how any woman can juggle work and children without full-time domestic help and a lot of time off. (Well, I do, but you're right, there's no way to honey-coat it, it is damn tough!)

I think about it everyday... I do think Anne-Marie Slaughter has a point in that we woman have it drilled into us that if we're 'committed' enough, we will achieve things people tell us are worth achieving -- mostly in the career category. That I have happy, well-adjusted children and am looking after myself -- as well as working! -- is not something I feel I'm allowed to trumpet to prospective employers... and that is a shame, because it's valuable experience.

Keep on truckin' sister! And thanks for leaving a comment! Good to know someone's actually reading this thing!!


I discovered Sacred Cows through your hubby's Vish Puri site (great fan, btw). And now, I love your blog! Oh yes, I agree with your sentiment that it is unfortunate that our skills as ultimate multi-taskers is not more lauded and résumé-worthy!

Anu Anand Hall

Thank you Alana!! I'm afraid I can't offer much in the way of literary stimulation, but glad you're enjoying my random musings!

Laxmi N. Gupta

Delighted to read your blog. Just happened to borrow The Case of deadly Butter Chicken. Started researching the author and found your blog. Read your post on the heart warming story of Rajiv and Madhuri. Several years ago my wife's niece married a Thakur. We happen to be Banias. There was opposition but was overcome. As both families lived near Delhi and were well-educated, things turned out OK.

Laxmi N. Gupta

Anu Anand Hall

Dear Laxmi, thanks! And glad to hear there wasn't too much opposition. Tarquin and I had to overcome some pretty bitter family opinions too so I can relate. And glad you enjoyed Rajvir and Madhuri's story-- a very brave and lovely couple!

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