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17 January 2013


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Barbara Hettinger

If you plan to live in the same place awhile, why not pay for the sensor yourself?

anu anand

Hi Barbara, a very tardy reply, I know!! And a good question... To understand why, perhaps you have to have spent two years troubleshooting all your landlord's electrics, plumbing, woodwork etc. I guess the answer is that I feel I've invested all I can in improving this joke of a building, and on principle, it's up to the owner to give a damn. He doesn't and neither do a large proportion of Delhi homeowners. Also, on a practical level, it requires getting his permission, which means explaining what I want to do, justifying it (a lost cause), discussing the expense, having him look at me as if I'm a total loon (this is a man who won't spend the five cents to photocopy our dodgy lease and haggles with poor people for the few rupees they make off recycling MY old newspapers)... In short, he's just not worth the effort. On the positive side, I'm doing what I can to save water and in my own house in London, I compost, use grey water and plan to make it more energy efficient. You can't straighten a dog's tail, as the old saying goes, so I'd rather focus on what I can accomplish!

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