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08 April 2013


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I really enjoy reading about Indian - Delhi gardening. Norway is in the midst of a very slow spring this year, it has been unusually cold in my part of the country. Farmers worry as severe ground frost prevents them from transferring plants from the green houses to the soil. I have my own little green house under my desk; a warm room made the seeds sproute at high speed and I'm desperately trying to calm them down.... and grow less while we're waiting for the cold winter to bid farewell.
Good luck! from Anne-Trine

anu anand

Dear Anne-Trine, wow Norway! I can't imagine a greater contrast to Delhi. I fear it's always the way with plants and children.... we're either trying to hurry them up or slow them down. Either way without much success! Hope your seedlings thrive in moderation til planting time! Watch for my next piece on the magical, enchantingly fragrant Arabian Jasmine... just bought my first garland of the year at the traffic light near my home. It's truly the Kohinoor of all jasmines!!

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