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01 October 2014


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Thank you for recalling 2002 riots, and ushering your divine enlightenment, perhaps you should be India right now and produce your ground breaking revelations to Indian Supreme Court.

harman singh



Damn , i wonder who made you an expert on Indian politics. You understand jack shit about the politics in India, people's issues and why Modi came with such a mandate. This slanted tone towards India is also reflected in most BBC articles it seems. Nonetheless it is futile to argue or try to explain self styled experts who have already written their narrative of the world.

anu anand

No one made me an expert, no one is forcing you to read my opinions and you are arguing with me, futile or not ... and that's the whole point. Democracies mean an open exchange of ideas between people, even when that exchange is difficult or uncomfortable. Thanks to all of you for helping in that endeavour, especially those who vehemently disagree with me. I really appreciate your comments.


I usually never comment on blog posts (it is usually a massive circle jerk anyways), but I think in this case an exception can be made - as you are also responding, so maybe we could engage in a debate. A discussion in which we clearly occupy extreme ends of the spectrum.

About your hosannas to the Democrats, what exactly is your opinion about the "Signature Drone Strike" program that Obama introduced and expanded? You speak passionately about Muslims being killed in 2002 (understandably), but would love to hear your opinions about the 1000's of innocent Muslims slaughtered by the American military under the benign Obama? How about a Democrat Secy of State, Madeleine Albright cooly saying "Half a million children dying is worth the price of freedom"? Source

Please, stop this whole America is great, America is inclusive propaganda. America has directly or indirectly killed 2 million innocent Muslims over the past decade ( genocide level deaths), yet I don't see you railing against the American system in your blog.

Moving on,

> He was banned from visiting the US for a decade due to the horrific religious violence unleashed under his watch.

Continuing with the theme of the US is not this heaven on Earth - the same US has at various times allowed absolute despots like Islam Karimov, Saddam Hussein, Papa Doc Duvalier, Gulbudin Hekmatiyar (he killed 20,000 innocent Afghanis in a month), Various Saudi kings & princes, Manuel Noriega, and the list just goes on and on. People who have millions of deaths on their hands, yet the US saw it fit to support, aid and abet these regimes. Sorry, for an Indian, the US denying Visa is pretty much meaningless as it was a political move instigated by politicos back home.

>Pregnant women had been disembowelled that fortnight. A senior Muslim Congress leader had been torn to pieces in public, his multiple calls to the police and authorities mysteriously ignored.

The pregnant woman stuff has been discredited and proved to have not taken place. A neutral reader reading this piece would think of 2002 as the Rwandan genocide - a one sided affair, but what you don't ever mention are the 50 people who were brutally burnt to their deaths, or the 360 Hindus who died. Sad and tragic that 2002 was, it was another set of riots in a state plagued by riots. Hindus also died in vast numbers, and your ilk never mention that. How is it a pogrom if members of the majority community also die?

>How can anyone support the politics of inclusion in the US,

There it is again, you seem to have drunk deeply in the well of US is inclusive Kool-Aid. The US might be inclusive at home (All those black prisoners disagree with that though), but outside, they are a barbaric nation killing millions for oil. The US is a nation which went to war based on lies and one man saying "I had a dream in which God told me, George, you need to invade Iraq and bring freedom to those people. 2 Million innocent Muslim lives (at a minimum) expose your claim that America is inclusive. All it does is, export its intolerance and hate outside its borders.

>Stop sending your kids to garba and bhangra nights and instead learn to discuss with them Ambedkar, Arya Samaj and the guy who killed Mahatma Gandhi. Take a class in Urdu poetry... and read about Partition. Maybe take in a UNDP report or two on toilets and caste.

How is this even relevant here? Ambedkar famously hated the Caste system AND Muslims - if anything he wanted a total population transfer. What do you want me to teach my kids about the partition? Direct Action Day? How Jinnah's naked ambition tore apart this nation? How even after partition, Muslim Razkars killed a million Hindus in Bangladesh, and how religious minorities are still persecuted in Pakistan and Bangladesh?

Going by your own logic, you should read more about American imperial adventures in Latin America, Middle East, Central Asia and other places. You should read about how Reagan supported the butchery in Bangladesh in the name of realpolitik, you should read about how American created the whole Islamic terrorist problem in Afghanistan. There is more to America than whatever it is you believe.


For an instance if we believe he was rightly accused for his so called deeds in 2002, what are you and Anti-Modi-maniacs trying to prove, expound, and advise the people of India now? Do you want the people to realize that he is a criminal (for a crime committed 12 years back) and doesn't deserve to be supported in his efforts to help this country prosper and achieve recognition globally? Well, in that case don't you think you and people alike you who are protesting his US visit, are emerging as an impediment for our nation's growth by bringing in communal topics/issues? And why now, when he has come to United States? What are you trying to prove to US and the world, that our leader is not worthy enough to be our leader, that he is a criminal and please don't treat him like a vvip? Or are you guys opposition's secret agent on a mission to destroy Modi?

Sadly it's people like you who bring disrepute to all of us on a global platform and make us look fools. He/Modi has been communal, has done all wrong he could in an effort to bring peace, well then you people are doing no different. There is law and judiciary to investigate and charge him of the accusations, which they have already done and announced him clean and upright. US and all other countries are aware of his past, but time moves on and so should you. US having declined his visa petition once, are now themselves inviting him over. Majority of people in India voted in favor of him and his political party because they supported him, and those who didn't voted for someone else. That's how people elect and select their leader in Indian democracy, right? If you don't support him either, then bring awareness at the time of elections, why not preach all these stories at that time. Back in our country, if there are paid/free individuals who work for political parties campaigning for their own and condemning others stupidly every now and then, dear author you are doing a similar job equally good on foreign land. Please be responsible, rather than nurturing past generation issues, focus on what we have now and in future, and how we can contribute while working in same direction and together.


Nicely done - your last line sums up every sensible Indian's biggest issues with every government we've had. It's not just the present administration (though as you've correctly put it - major ethical issues there) that doesn't see the true problems India is facing, everyone's using a broom to sweep the actual problems under a carpet of bright and shiny charm.
Thank you for such an excellent article, don't both with the criticisms, it seems that reality is just not anyone's cup of tea!

Shakila Taranum Maan

Amazing article.... a voice of reason from the US! Sharing on my facebook!

anu anand

Dear NRI M, thank you for writing. But let me clarify that I am not on 'foreign' soil. As I type this, I'm sitting in New Delhi, India. And again, my problem is with Indian Americans paying more attention to the glitz of politics than the substance. You rightly point out that whether it's fair or not, or makes his critics happy or not, the argument has moved on from Modi/Gujarat riots. I've said that in my piece. However, I find his supporters beating up Indian journalists, or applying different rules to him than they do to those they may have voted for in the US worth commenting on.

anu anand

Dear Grangor, thank you too for your considered comments. Actually, I couldn't agree with you more on the US. I did not mean to imply whatsoever in my piece that America is a shining example of moral consistency. I wasn't writing about America here, but was thinking much more about the schizophrenia of some immigrants when it comes to what they believe in depending on which country they are in. Of course that isn't limited to Indians in America, but that's the community I grew up in, so I relate to it more. With regards to what you teach your kids about Partition, Ambedkar, etc... I think you've misunderstood. My point is that it's better for Indian American parents to engage their kids with real history. Too many engage only with a frothy made-up Indian culture that totally side-steps the issues of our time. Teach yours whatever you like- it's a free country and you are your own best judge... I only meant, do at least broach it, messy and uncomfortable as it may be. It is all a part of our complex and fascinating past. Ditto Mr. Modi- I don't think there's anything to be gained by whitewashing the past of any leader-- Indian, American, Middle Eastern, Asian. I felt I didn't see quite enough of that in this trip. Yes, some Indian Americans protested... but others roughed up Rajdeep Sardesai for doing his job. That's simply juvenile and disgraceful. And the displays at Madison Square Garden etc, to many observers was interesting but also genuinely funny as it completely encapsulated how some Indians/NRIs want the world to see them, without wanting to honestly engage with the country's problems. I appreciate you may not be one of them. Thanks again. Fascinating to hear from you all.


Very good article.. In living in states for quite some time now, and b found myself that biggest hypocrites are American Indians. Talk about inclusion, and yet you have gujju, or andhra communities exclusive ( I am a gujju myself). Not to speak of NRG communities, who identify themselves apart from NRI

But maybe to be a hypocrite is to be a human..


One of the best articles I've read so far. Especially the latter part. Excellent analysis and very well written. Hats off to you!

just another indian

Its a well written article...but from my point of view tre s no point in going back to 2002 every tym wen we speak about Modi....nw that he has been elected unanimously as the prime minister,we should support him in his current endeavours....nd lets talk about the things dats gng wrong at dis moment...


I agree with the author. I really hope that he will bring good changes in India but I do not like and understand why people are following him blindly. And the sad part is that if someone gives even a slightly different opinion than Modi, these people start to say bad things about them.

We are the largest democratic country and if some people have their reservations or a different opinion, this does not mean that they dont have a right of free speech.


Thank you for saying this. Spot on.


Its interesting that you bring up discussing Indian leaders and Indian history with our kids (Indian Americans) growing up on the garba and Bhangra culture. I teach Indian classical dance in Washington DC along with my sister. We observe that its easier for parents to expose them to the colorful and fun side of Indian culture. People have to be ready to have those difficult conversations especially when the kids have no reference to context about these illustrious leaders. I would say do both expose them to the dance as well as conversations. Just today I was talking to my 9 and 5 year old about Gandhiji with his birthday coming up. I don't know how to instill the same reverence in them when they don't understand the complexity of the situation. But I won't give will try in small doses :-)

anu anand

Hey Shrulala, thanks for your comment. I meant no disrespect whatsoever for beautiful Indian classical dance :) We did a lot of bhangra when I was a kid, and it was great fun. But yes, I agree with you that apart from the fun, colourful side of India's history and culture, we have to inform ourselves and our kids about the other stuff too because if you don't know your own history, you don't know yourself fully... and you're doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past. For me, moving to India where clearly you are surrounded and absorbed by India in all its facets, good and bad, has been the most illuminating, interesting and fulfilling experience. I've learned about myself, about an amazing nation and through its struggles about the world. I am frankly baffled that so many parents shy away from the tougher subjects, the sticky moral dilemmas India throws at us. But then, many of us grew up in families where everyday human words like 'breasts' 'period' 'sex' or even 'pregnant' were taboo - lol! My abiding message through this conversation is simply that immigrants (all) have a truly unique opportunity in taking from both cultures the best, most evolved human practices, and abandoning the ones that keep us and others in chains. I would like to see many many more Indian Americans, especially with their brains and success, embracing that challenge more honestly.

Jugal Narain Singh

I find it amazing how someone who is thousands of miles forms opinion and insults wisdom of millions of Indians who made Modi into a PM. Ultimately you weigh the choices you have and then go for the best one. He has become PM with overwhelming majority and has 3 terms of Governance experience backing him. It's considered cool to keep talking secular - non secular but ultimately if the vast majority of Indians do not lead a better life, world would be a more troubled place. Open your ears and mind to what he is saying and doing in 2014 and not stay stuck in past just because it is fashionable for doing so! Grow up!

ground breaker

No disrespect , i am looking forward to migrate to US..but lets see about United State's President....or whosoever the president has been before..they practice equality, let it be anything food, facilities, opportunities, law practices. .etc etc.....Call 911 and basic first aids are provided on the spot to the sick or injured.., and in our india.. (i am not a hater thou) , call 100 and nobody picks up a happen..and people get killed as well..but that doesnt mean that PM or President or even a CM doesnt know or cant control this....see Politics is a bad game..but that doesnt give the right to politicians to make or break or amend rules according to there own will..and its a clear notion which was practiced while elections....Marketing campaigns were launched..private sector invested heavily ...even a peon can win the elections when Marketing was so heavily invested.....the point is....We know india has majority of Hindus and by god's grace we are easily moved by the charms of politicians especially when the it is announced that PM will do better for hindus....

why is this thing practised in india..not in america...every community is important to them...they dont neglect anybody nor do they allow these kind of riots to happen.
They dont kill sikhs or hindus or muslims...they do what is required for international safety..lets say they dont do that..more of nations are born with a vow to take every country down,..including india... (well indian prime minister s arent even brave enough to take down pakistani terrorists even when they take the heads of indian armymen along with them).....
i am not a very good blogger thou.....but i know there is some difference between developed and not developed nations.....developed nations work for the world and want to bring peace..let there be any kind of way....but indian are still bound to same vow of selfishness...the only thing that is keeping them from being a powerful nation..i hope that day really comes when i will be proud to be a one...a proud indian...

anu anand

Dear Jugal, Thanks for your comment. 'Thousands of miles' from where? I'm in New Delhi and have been here on and off for 14 years, solidly for the past 4 years and I'm unfortunately or fortunately probably much much older than you imagine, so not sure how much more growing up I'd be able to do. Look, I agree he has a huge mandate. That's not being debated. In fact Modi's election as PM is not being debated, nor what he could and should do for India. I AGREE WITH YOU there. What I'm commenting on here is the mindset of Indian Americans. If you have thoughts on that, please do share!


>> Take a class in Urdu poetry...>> what is so great about Urdu poetry? Nobody in our State (including Muslims) speak, read or write Urdu.

Sanjiv Bhatt IPS

Dear Anu,
Kudos for writing this brilliant piece! Modi is what most of us are in the dark reccesses of our hearts. He only reflects our bigoted duplicity and deep seated prejudices.
More power to your ilk!
Best wishes,
Sanjiv Bhatt IPS


ur comments are is against a religion not a political leader. Y u are very anguished about garba, reading poems, the guy who killed gandhi,.Its all paid.Its all Shit. Only Few indians settled in US will like or share ur views.Y only 2002 riots. There are much more happened in india. Y dont people or media never refer to those massacres.What about the rulers who ruled india. Please do know the history , Read the history urself , not much but 100 years back. Know ur roots , u will come to know who u r n ur roots as well. u can write n post any thing but u can do it with mentioning the religion also.

anu anand

Avinash ji- my grandfather, a devout Hindu, read and wrote in Urdu. My father, also a devout practicing Hindu, loves Urdu shayri. I'm sure they would both join me in sharing this couplet with you: Haathon ki lakiron pay matt jaa ae Ghalib, Naseeb unkay bhi hotay hain jinkaay haath nahi hotay...

anu anand

Rajilni, sweet Rajilni, Y dont u lrn 2 spell?

prashant pitti

"My research is better than supreme court finding. Modi not flinching to a dead man's pic makes him a convict"

What a horrible writer/article. Please keep sledging mud at OUR PM for UR intellectual likes/showoffs.

If I were Modi, I would just give up now. We people don't want an honest hardworking leader. We all r SOLD.

Himanshu Trivedi, Solicitor and Barrister, New Zealand

Dear Anu Anand

Yes, the pregnant women's wombs were opened up and a senior peace-loving politician of yore was murdered with 28 others and was cut to pieces. I was a "judge" after that in one of the district cadre courts and the Government expected us to be acting against Muslims as well (orally, they would never put it in writing). Not only that, there were other administrative and like measures taken to isolate and make the muslims feel most vulnerable and unwanted in their own country.

Kudos for a great article. Many modi-bhakts will not realise, but time will ultimately help the truth to prevail - hopefully.
Himanshu Trivedi - New Zealand

Himanshu Trivedi, Solicitor and Barrister, New Zealand

By the way, instead of succumbing, I quit and left the country as they would target and try and ruin anyone not agreeing with them.

Vistasp Hodiwala

I just feel compelled to weigh in with my appreciation on your stellar piece Anu. This is called telling it like it is and I love this piece just for that. Here's what I too think about the Rajdeep incident. They did not go after him verbally for the kind of questions he was posing them. Every journo worth his darn mike is supposed to do that. To me it seemed more like a latent groundswell of indignation that they have always harboured against the man for his stands from time to time. How dare he piss on our parade? So maybe he was bullied and called out for the beliefs he represents. They have not forgotten his reportage of the 2002 riots. It makes them all mad to this day. This man brings back their worst memories. And unlike Barkha and Arnab, he has refused to be co-opted. He recently resigned from CNN-IBN clearly citing his reasons. That was intense stuff. Add to that his tweet about Adani sharing Modi's hospitality and that hysterical mob's behaviour suddenly falls in place. Doesn't it Anu?


I am neither for nor against Mr. Modi. Only time will tell if he is a good PM or not. Most probably, like all leaders, he will have some successes and some failures and at the end of his term half the population will hate him and the other half will love him.

Having said that, I hope you will not view my comments below in the context of Mr. Modi. They are related to the author's views of Indian Americans.

This is a good article and well written.

I am an Indian American, and I have lived here for almost 40 years. I am aware that the author is talking about me and my peers. Sadly, I have to generally agree with what she says about us. We do exhibit a certain 'schizophrenia' in our value system in non-Modi related contexts.

The only statement in this article that I disagree with is the one where the author implies that Indian Americans mostly vote for the Democratic party. Actually a fairly large percentage of Indians who came to the US in the 70s, 80s and even 90s vote Republican. They believe that Republican values are closer to Indian values; namely that Republicans like the Indians are God fearing, don't trust African Americans, are against welfare, believe in lower taxes etc. It is the younger Indian Americans who predominantly vote Democrat.

BTW, in my view, the author's responses to some very tough comments above have been quite thoughtful. And I also loved her quote from Ghalib.

Shuvo Ghosh

Anu, as a child of Indian Bengali immigrant parents who moved to the US, born just outside of Chicago, raised in a few different places within the US and who has now left that place due to its hard-to-believe policies an culture (currently my home is in Montreal, Canada; but really I consider this Pale Blue Dot my home regardless of national definitions), your writing really resonates with me.

World politics certainly is at a crossroads and what is going on in NY with India's PM is a microcosm of our troubled times. Modi distresses me. The BJP distresses me. The Republicans AND the Democrats distress me in the USA. The UKIP freaks me out. The Lib Dems have made me so, so sad -- and I truly respect Nick Clegg and actually feel genuinely sorry for him because he got into a terrible political marriage and now there's no way out. The Conservatives of the UK and David Cameron (who's a nice enough fellow in person but is a puppet of giant corporate interests) and their fellow Eurosceptic allies make me wonder what's going on. The Canadian Conservative party which has become a carbon copy of the Australian Liberal party right down to the incompetent and autistic Christian fundamentalist leaders leave me stunned and in dismay. The Liberal party of Canada is a farce. Labour in the UK is a bloated mess who'll likely win by default in the next election and doesn't offer much. The Congress party is out to lunch and the Jayalalithas and Patnaiks and Mamata Banerjees of South Asia (don't get me started on Sheik Hasina) leave me shaking my head. I have some hope for the Canadian New Democrats, the Swedish Social Democrats, the New Zealand Maori party, the South American socially conscious parties, the aspirational parties here and there scattered throughout nations where democracy (and in particular social democracy) have a foothold. The only way for democracy to succeed has been modeled in places like the Nordic nations but it is rarely followed, either by choice or by circumstances beyond the control of those who promote the model. A country like India, with its insolvent borders and in which the spot of your birth deserves so much more than what it has been given in the past 70 years, really has a herculean task in providing a coherent strategy for progress. Modi isn't going to do all that much -- 1.2 billion isn't a sustainable number of people to kow-tow to a central government and function well, unless the centre is a totalitarian or oligarchic mechanism used to manipulate resources and culture as in China. I believe the India we all think we know doesn't exist -- but the India which exists (in the small, incensed alleys of Kolkata; in the markets of Mumbai; in the highway strip malls outside Chandigarh; in the air-conditioned classrooms of Bangalore; in the quiet hilltop in Ladakh; in the buzzing forest of Meghalaya; in the lapping waves of Andaman; in the church service in Diu; in the Lotus Temple of New Delhi; in the Akbari mosque in Ajmer; in the Key Monastery in Himachal Pradesh, in a shrine to Durga in any small village anywhere)...this is the India we need to concern ourselves with, and forget the demagoguery and nonsense spouted by corrupted so-called leaders who have no clue about what the human heart is meant to do. Let us heed your advice in North America and everywhere in the world...I'll be happy to communicate with a sharp mind and an interesting intellect like yourself in future. For now, keep up the great work!

Ashok Choudhary

About the Gujarat riots (same goes for any other riots including 84 riots) Mahatma Gandhi (who Modi did not stop extolling - and that too me was a greater u turn - the assasin's supporter to date - now singing the victim's praise)would have asked as he did of congress members after the Bengal and Bihar violence ' aap zinda kyoon hain? ' This is quoted by Gopal Krishna Gandhi why did you not die saving people in the pogrom. How could a head of State both in 84 and in 2002 continue after such a pogrom? And we sadly, we upper caste, upper class educated Indians particularly (not only the NRI variety) are a people who a a a duplicit people. I find many of the poor and theeducated in India, more humane, more sensible.

But I think we need to question more about our understanding of parties and political leaders than just ethnic violence, while that is extremely important. What kind of development model for whom? what Gujarat model? what swacchata abhiyan - what removal of corruption? do the people posting on this blog know the two most polluted cities of India are in Gujarat - they're Industrial cities. Gujarat's development indicators don;t show any significant improvement, it is Adani's and Ambani's and other industrialist that show huge gains - which were further hiked up after Modi's nomination. And its also a case of ulta chor kotwal ko dante - the government labels people and organisations rising up to protect Bharat Mata - dharti maan from destruction as anti national. the new environment ministry is fast clearing industrial projects in fragile zones to further destroy in spite of experiences in Uttarakhand and Kashmir.
So Anu, though your's is a good balanced article and raises some important issues and suggestions for the middle class to really educate themselves - it would be good if you could add the critique f the development model and environmental destruction and yes health too - as well as the move to become another modern colony - the blatant offer to export labor and to invite investment in everything from education health and housing - Who in their right senses would call this Nationalism???

anu anand

Himanshu, Vistasp, Gutto, Ashok- kudos to each of you for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. Your care, honestly, bravery and sensitivity are to be embraced! Thank you so much for honouring me by reading my piece.

anu anand

Shuvo, sorry meant to include you too!! Thanks so much for sharing your very valuable cross-border thoughts!!


The arguments are all rational - yes, having inclusion and equal rights in the USA (and elsewhere) is what enables some NRIs to flaunt their biases when it comes to India. But every country wants a polarising macho-man figure after being mild and apologetic for a few years (take Japan and Abe). I suppose democracies always work in stupid ways like that. What I'd humbly suggest to people in their right minds like you is to wholly ignore the Modi ga ga. Concentrate on asking the important policy and performance based questions and ignore the hoopla around his visits and talks. Any publicity is good publicity in politics, and people like Modi and his fanatic supporters are best criticised if ignored. That said, there are some Modi supporters, who like you hope for a better India in any which way, even if marginally better than what it was for the last ten years; and those people, like you, are waiting for more important things than NRI rallies.

Srinath Sambandan

"Yes, some Indian Americans protested... but others roughed up Rajdeep Sardesai for doing his job. That's simply juvenile and disgraceful" ...................pathetic that you follow up on your article's inaccuracies with even more BS. As proved with clinching video evidence, it's Rajdeep who covered himself with disgrace near MSG! If you're "sitting" in new Delhi currently - why don't you petition the Supreme court of India on the "anomaly of justice" it delivered while acquitting Modi from wrongdoing in 2002. Go on, show us the courage of your convictions Ms.Anand. It's an OPEN CHALLENGE that you'll revert to being that stupid CUB reporter & hide behind your dubious sources of information rather than try prove our Supreme Court wrong.

anu anand

Thanks AR. And thanks to you too Srinath. I'm always amazed at how some people feel that it's a show of strength to call others names. Especially since calling me names gets us nowhere, even if I fully accept that it's your prerogative. As for your OPEN CHALLENGE, I'm a journalist, not a lawyer, much less a Supreme Court one. I won't pretend that I have the tools to mount a legal challenge of any kind. What I do have is the ability to travel, report, speak to a wide range of people, judge the quality of information available, and hopefully, put in into context. That said, this is my personal blog and the above piece was clearly an opinion piece, though I stand by what I've said, factually as well as in terms of my analysis. You don't have to take what I say seriously at all... but why, if I'm so pathetic, stupid and dubious... are you even engaging with me? Why not share with us where you are currently? And your thoughts on making some serious, constructive changes?


Brilliantly written... From the response I can see that you have hurt the consciences of many Modi Bhakt NRIs (that they have a conscience now, maybe their path to self discovery and perhaps remorse and repentance). Thank you for speaking the Truth so boldly...and telling like it is, on the face. Let me warn you, you will be attacked by the Khakhi Chaddi Sangh (RSS)trolls who will use foul language and threats to cow you down from speaking the truth. Yes you will recognize them largely because of 'Bad' must forgive them again, for the best education (if that word can be used) they have received is in the propaganda classes of the RSS Shaka or the Shishu Vidya Mandirs..where they have subordinated their brains and have been forcefully converted to accept everything without questioning the leader. Jai Hind

Ramani S V

The blog is moronic at best. You are trotting out the tired old insinuations. Your objectivity itself is in question and you have the gumption to question the admiration the NRIs have exhibited for Modi. What has made you do it? You dont do anything except bitch about all and sundry in a little known and non-descript blog. Please remember we have a campaign called Swachh Bharat going now. Please desist from soiling your surroundings.

Anu Anand Hall

Pradeep thanks for writing. Look there are trolls everywhere and as someone whose written Hindi is pretty basic, I don't begrudge people their rough English (text language however is unforgivable :) Mr. Ramani, thanks for taking the time to read my 'moronic' blog. I know I am lowly, in gender, caste, etc but I do still use my own brain cells- no one has put me up to anything. If for you, the very important swachh Bharat programme is a pretext for issuing threats to others, then I think you have seriously missed the point. Posting a really interesting piece below- and PLEASE- before you all start grumbling- every critically reported story is not automatically proof of the author being 'Anti'... Maybe it's just good reporting:

Vidya Subramainan

Biased one sided view , smacks of selective journalism . I have the right to support who I want , you can write what you want .....

Arijoy Roy

This is the best blog I have read about Modi's vist to America.
Keep it up.


Isn't it irrational to doubt the morals / integrity of an individual who has been acquitted by the apex court of a country ?

Not sure if my previous comment got posted. So reposting.

Congratulations dear Author, you've managed to piss off the Moditards. There lies your success in writing. The more the verbal abuses you'd know the more impactful is your writing. I have not fully read the history of rise of Nazi power, but I can guess this is how it was. Fascism is seeping in India bit by bit.


//but others roughed up Rajdeep Sardesai for doing his job.//
Was mocking one's own prime minister on a foreign soil is a journalist's job? Was it appropriate for him to talk ill of all NRIs because the crowd was heckling him? He could have learnt from Modi himself that even though the media- especially Rajdeep and his wife has been running a propaganda against him since years but he has been civilized in his encounters with all of them. And now when it is evident that he was the aggressor and a rowdy person in the whole episode, it is very shameful to see him act as a victim to win TRPs for his new employer. He is a blot on the profession of journalism- not a hero you are trying to make him out to be.


My opinion... There is atleast one man who can change the face of India on a global platform.. Why spoil that.. Do u think Other politicians are better off.. ?? Are you ok with them looting our money.. ?? My view .. If someone is doing something good let him continue.. Rather than projecting his bad history, lets be optimistic and modest in what he is capable of and rather not be judgemental..


Absolutely on the spot, i support each and every word of it,,,,,only problem is, it is so true and clear that most of pro-modi delusional ppl will not be able to digest it

Kumarendra Mallick

The article on Modi referred here is a narration of half truth. I am not a religious fanatic nor a BJP supporter. But I support PM MOdi in his efforts to inspire a nation that is lying dormant over decades. With enormous natural resources and excellent manpower why this nation be poor and cut a sorry fiigure among the comity of nations?
The victims of 2002 Gujrat riot is for sure a great tragedy, so is the Blue Star of 1984 where many innocent Sikhs were mercilessly killed. And how about the Bhopal Gas Leak tragedy in which many died, mostly the people belonging to the muslim community? Why the writer doesn't do some more home work before embarking on writing about India.
The performance of the Cong party that remained in power over five decades, except the 18-months under Late Lal Bahadur Shastry, has been really poor. In contrast, Modi has hit upon new ideas and the entire country is enthusiastic to rise to the occasion. Therefore talking of 2002 riot makes no sense. Let us wish all the good luck and let us contribute our mite for the benefit of India.

Anu Chandra

Thank you for sharing your gyaan....know that dwelling in the past is no good for India or Indians. What do you expect???Would it help if Modi was sent to jail, really would it help India? No way. We do not have another capable leader to lead our country. Stop hurling accusations do you even know what you are talking about???
Every political party has its share of evils look at Congress ...we had an Italian woman leading the party, there were scandals like the 3G, Bofors and plenty more. What about other leaders in other countries.... they all have their share of vices and have committed errors too.. We really can't afford to dwell in the past, it is time to move on and India needs a leader like Modi so we can be part of the global community and get some visibility.
In any case, what do you know about India... are you a citizen of India? Have you lived there long enough to understand the real Indian or problems faced by them...Stop writing filth to corrupt innocent minds and do something more productive to better the community you live in...journalists like you are the biggest curse to the profession.


First of all, don't generalize the whole community based on some 20,000 attending MSG event. Every leader has flaws including Nehru (who is responsible for Hindus being decimated in your friendly Pakistan). Modi is the best, to date, who can bring change in India without shoiwing fake secular credentials.

It has become a fashion to criticize to Modi to gain cheap popularity. If you are truly unbiased, write about atrocities against Hindus in Kashmir. Write about fake-secular parties who provide undue favors to non-Hindus. Since you are an international journalist, highlight about reduction of Hindu population in Pakistan from 33% to a mere ~5%. In other words, on bigger issues and don't be yet another ultra-liberal or Congress party scribe.

Rahul Bhattacharya

Anu, this is a very well written piece and it touches on an issue that many liberal NRIs must contend with;
Is a liberal view point easier to adopt when you are a member of a minority community and insecure about your standing in society?
I believe, unfortunately, that the answer is yes.
Just as the big tent of conservatism attracts fiscal as well as social conservatives, people collect under the big tent of liberalism for altruistic as well as selfish reasons. In the case of NRI Modi Bhakts, I am fairly certain that their liberalism in the US is the latter strain.
More concerning is the cult of personality to which Modi's followers subscribe.
This is a largely uneducated man, with no proven abilities except being able to deliver rabble rousing speeches to the unwashed masses. And yet Indians from varying strata of society ardently believe in his messianic claims of being able to turn the country around.
We have not seen anything in terms of plans or policies to deliver on his promises, but no one is fazed. At least not yet.
It will be interesting to see if he is able to maintain his hold on Indian hearts and minds once it becomes obvious that no single man, regardless of his position or abilities, can make India fulfill her potential overnight.


Dang! I love you--a rare and refreshing breath of honesty.

A. Quds

Interesting title. If you are a modi supporter you are a maniac?
Can't be a normal person in your opinion?

Vinod Behl

Hahahaha, frustration personified.

Anjali Khurana

Looks like some people are so hurt with Modi's truth being brought into the spotlight that they have written paras of faffing about his glorious resume. If muslim genocide was in response to 50 Hindus brutally burnt, then 'as the most wise leader this country has presumably ever produced', why did Mr. Modi not punish those 50? Why did he not hang them to death? Are you seriously saying its difficult to find those 50, hence burn the entire population? im imagining 50 Hindus create a ruckus in America and in response, every Hindu is pulled out of their house and burnt? Am I right? Every pregnant Hindu woman is disembowelled because some 50 Hindus created a ruckus somewhere? And how can I forget to mention, in a country like India, with powers like Modi and support of suddenly awakened a million Hindus, how difficult is it to manipulate proofs and Apex court? Yes, it takes a lot to fight it for 12 years and yet come out clean but he has it in him. Which is why he is today the PM, and not just another leader. Good going Modi, happy divide and rule, happy butchering, happy slaughtering.


Thanks for writing this post Anu. We need more voices that articulate their opinion fearlessly.


Gujarat riot as every other riots was started by the muslims. Muslim people triggered the riot by by burning a train full of innocent hindu people in Godhra. Modi and his party won overwhelming majority. Get over it.


One of the best pieces not only on Narendra Modi's US visit but also on the need to introspect about the way we tend to get carried away by fake postures of smart politicians with all style and little substance. More power to you.


1. This writer has a solid anti-modi bias herself while she is calling Modi supporters as maniacs... She has put most of the Indians who voted for him/ his party as maniacs... because it does not suit her own thinking.

2. She does not have respect of Indian judiciary which, despite all efforts by then anti-Modi ruling party, had absolved him....

3. Just because she had photographed someone who in her own thought was afraid ... she puts the blame on Chief Minister of a state!! ...was she sent by Congress!!?? Why she did not go to Muzaffaer Nagar??.... there are many more points....


Talkers talk. Doers do.

His Excellency, The Prime Minister of the Republic of India, Mr. Narendra Modi
now *holds* office whether you complain once or 10 million more times. I
sincerely hope he brings peace, health, and progress to our ailing country.
I don't really care about anti/pro-Modi people; I do care about pro-nation people
though. I've always seen people pointing fingers are politicians for the tiniest of
problems. They want "infrastructure", but don't want to use the infrastructure well.

Let me give you an example.

In my time staying at New Delhi, I have witnessed the worst public driving skills
ever. People blame it on the government saying "the roads are bad, there are no
street lights, etc." While much of what they say is true, the fact that they drive
irresponsibly is never highlighted. London has narrow roads, but comparatively
fewer traffic jams. Everybody follows the rules. The driving exudes respect.
People don't throw trash on the street (most of the time). Do we really not have
infrastructure? A traffic signal light is a piece of infrastructure, but why do the
people jump red lights?

My point is: You can make Modi the scapegoat to throw all your problems at
and it would not be much of an achievement.

Stop talking. Start doing. You can clean up trash with your tongue, but the hands can
do a better job.

Pay for that street lamp near your house and clean the area up around your house.
When someone throws a plastic bottle on the street, pick it up and throw it in the
trash can. I may not have wanted Mr. Modi to be in office some time back (it really
doesn't matter to me who is in office), but he has to be respected now that he is in
office. Cribbers can stick their heads into the toilet bowl.

Do your best to help the country. Leave the talking to empty vessels.

And above all, please relax.

Thank you.


A self appointed psuedo secular moron who refuses to see the truth that gujarat roits were started by muslims when they burnt a coach full of sadhus on a pilgrimage

Fiest Kazama

I agree with you,but don't you think this kinda dual face is a part of every politician's life. They do something in front of audiences and then behind their back is having a reverted image. Your point of discussion is absolutely ri8 but where were you when the same kinda situation happened when congress was leading the country. I am an Indo-Japanese. But on one point I really disagree with you. you know people need a topic to get focused on I mean to really get onto a big (global) screen. Your topic has same motive. I am on neither side (nor with congress nor BJP) but atleast I don't criticize anyone openly.. atleast he is progressing towards making a better world. Try not to criticize , ok everything has got a bad side ..nothing is perfect n no one is perfect. you cant expect everyone to hold the key to purity #Ms. Anu . You haven't yet seen the dark side of Barack Obama. you're a blogger so try to get the wide view of things.

Vaish Words

Well said.

The fundamentals of a democracy are free speech and vigorous but respectful debate, and it is our patriotic duty to support but not blindly follow our elected leaders. If we truly care about India then we must also always question and challenge the actions of her leaders when we feel they are straying from the right course or the greater good.

As Indians we often tend to gloss over and ignore the harsh realities that still exist and hold India back; like caste, religious intolerance, gender discrimination and the fact that Modi grew up under a right-wing Hindu philosophy; and this is something we need to keep an eye on because we never want India to become a Hindu nation that discriminates against non-Hindus.

So as long as Modi’s agenda of economic growth, infrastructure development, poverty eradication, girls education, women’s rights is inclusive I will fully support and even join in and help but at the same time I will also watch to make sure that the RSS does not get to further its agenda behind the scenes. And this should be the duty of every Indian who wants to see a great and prosperous India for divided we never will be.

You can read my Open Letter to the PM:


This is the most ridiculous straw man I've ever come across. The political scenarios in the USA and India are quite different, and one cannot hold a common viewpoint for both. Modi was the need of the hour for India, where we were to choose from 1) a grand old party hollowed from within by corruption, nepotism and pseudo-secularism, 2) a new venture of a rabble-rousing activist who had abandoned the CM's post in order to become PM, 3) an unholy alliance of opportunistic regional leaders, 4) a CM who had run a state quite efficiently and was elected for the 4th time in a row. The choice was quite obvious. Modi is now the elected representative of the people of India. You seem to have no respect for the verdict of the people, nor that of the apex court of this country. Anyone who feels for India (including NRIs) would find some joy in the fact that after years India has elected herself a leader, and a patriot at that. You, on the other hand, choose to take no note of his efforts, and are simply hanging on to unproven allegations and propaganda of his opponents, who knew that he alone could dethrone them. God knows, you might be one of them. Maybe for days, you sobbed yourself to sleep after the election results, but hey, it's time to grow up a little and move on. Also, what kind of reaction did you expect the CM of a state to give you when you would show him the photo of that burned man? Did you want him to break down and do a sob melodrama just to please the sorry excuse of a journalist that you are? Pathetic.

Dr Pankaj Gupta

Very well articulated. I also liked the blog because there are very less articles seen these days discussing anything Anti Modi. The same Modi bhakti hysteria is seen here in India as well as was seen in US. I think it was a very well executed show by BJP youth wing, BJP american lovers and lovely Gujju brothers and sisters. It was regional patriotism displayed as Raw nationalism on screen. Anything not agreeing to be a part of it could be easily targeted and ascribed Traitor. Anyone saying anything against Modi is targeted balantly as outcast or untouchable and is openly abused as if he has committed a crime or is totally selfish and anti national. This is biggest danger to democracy and reminds one of jungle raj where it is better to be in herd. Actually to me, it reflects the biggest insecurity of our population or society as well as enslaved mentality with desire to have some Guru like leader who can salvage them of their non performing working by doing super natural acts or talks. and here starts the bhakti. Alas ! such things are doomed to be broken. Thanks ! and not to mention, i am ready for some mud slinging by modi bhakts. ;-)


Unfortunately your open letter is addressed to the wrong people. Most of the people at Madison Garden were IBADs (Indian born American/Indian Desis) and they are definitely not Confused!


great article,,its important to step back from the hype and see things as they really are.


Dear Ms Anand,

As a man who grew up in Lucknow of old, I spout Urdu poetry much at the drop of a hat. I even know the entire Deewan-e-Ghalib by heart. I did a kanyaadaan at an Arya sammaj mandir for my maid, whose father was an alcoholic.I am an N.R.I, and would love to send my children to both Garba and Bhangra nights- they are fun...I don't understand your disapproval. Am I doing something wrong?


Modi is all words and no action . When is he going to deliver on some of his promises to root out corruption. It takes a Goan judge to lead the way by delivering his judgement against jayalalitha. The rest of modis cabinet demonstrate a similar lack of IQ like their leader. The education minister wants to open more iits- when none of the existings iits make the global 200- misplaced priorities

Gpr Fix

Please present your evidence of Modi's guilt to Supreme Court of India as probably you have more information than Supreme court of India did, since Supreme court of India did not find Modi guilty of any crime.

akshat sharma

You talk of exchanging ideas but your article, from the headline itself is confrontational. I'm sure you know that ABCD is a pejorative term for NRIs, as is your use of the term maniac (you certainly didn't use in the same tone as say, fashion maniacs did you?).

Here's the thing. Modi's power is not built on religions exclusion. Modi's entire election campaign was built around the idea of progress for all. His slogan in the polls was "sabka saath sabka vikaas", which I hope you know loosely translates to "progress/development for everyone".

You loudly assert his efficacy was missing during the Gujarat riots. But can you substantiate that statement? I ask because I can present arguments to prove that he acted better than most state governments in India ever act.

He had become the CM for the first time mere months before this tragedy. And its not like he sat and watched the destruction. He tried to head it off by blaming it on terrorists instead of the Muslim community. He asked the central government to deploy the army within 3 hours of the first killing. The defense minister landed in Gujarat at 8PM (8 hours after the incident). Since the army could not be deployed quickly enough (it was involved with operation parakram at the time), he asked the neighboring states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh (all Congress ruled) for police help. The government of Madhya Pradesh declined to help, "13 days after the request".

The army did get deployed, 20 hours after the first killing, and they had shoot at sight orders to stop violence.

What's more? He was asked for help in cases like the Maulana Vastanvi Madrasa and Aga Khan colony and these places received help within minutes of him getting the calls.

The people who blamed Modi were found to be frauds. One falsely implicated ISRO scientists in a separate incident, another was involved in a recruitment scam. The pregnant woman case is widely known to be a falsehood (seriously, how can you put that one here if you are trying to be objective?).

May be you have access to some knowledge I don't have. But Modi was hounded for the last decade by the Congress led central government through various court cases, and yet he was ultimately found to be innocent of wrongdoing.

Given the things I mentioned previously, and the court ruling, what is your justification for still spreading vitriol about the democratically elected head of the Indian state? In fact the only politician who refuses to play politics of populism and division. When asked "what will you do for Muslims", he said "I won't do anything for Muslims. Neither will I do anything for Hindus.Whatever I do I will do for Gujaratis" (this was before his second term as a CM).

Now, moving on from Modi. Why in your opinion as a former cub (and presumably a fully grown) reporter now, most media coverage of the Gujarat tragedy so truncated? Why is the killing of Hindus before the riots glossed over, as is the fact that hundreds of Hindus were also killed during the riots? And please understand that I don't bring this up as a justification for killing Muslims. Violence against any member of a civilized society is unacceptable, regardless of their religion. But if we are talking facts, shouldn't we present them all (and not include known falsehoods)?

The worst thing is, articles like this give the impression that India is a country where Muslims live cowering in fear while the majority Hindu population systematically kills them. While the truth is that not only is India a truly inclusive country, and Hinduism a truly tolerant religion but Muslims have actually flourished in post independence India. Their numbers have grown to make up a third of the population, more than the entire population of Pakistan! We have had Muslim presidents, prime ministers and national heroes like Dr. Kalam and Haveldar Abdul Hamid, and our nation cherishes them and is all the more richer for them. And though I honestly believe I have made decent arguments here, nobody is really going to read what I wrote. They will read your article and think "Hindus are so barbaric". I could start a blog of my own, but I'm not blessed as a wordsmith as you are. I'm just a tech monkey, a Hindu and I can only watch in sorrow as my identity is increasingly marginalised and an undeserved shame is forced upon me and mine by the likes of you.


The apex court itself is corrupt because it did not pass the judgment which is considered fair by the author. On the otherhand the U C Banerjee commission report is fair as it meets the approval of the author. Never mind the constitution of the commission itself is illegal. As they say none so blind as the one who refuses to see.

Rational Crusader

Response to : "Isn't it irrational to doubt the morals / integrity of an individual who has been acquitted by the apex court of a country ?"

Abhinav, it is. Except that he hasn't even been tried, much "acquitted" by the apex court. That's the spin the marketing dudes of BJP wanted you to ingest via the soundbyte "clean chit". You and millions have lapped it up in tank fulls.

An enquiry (with no powers to summon or investigate) was run by a team of retired CBI officers. This was called the SIT. Their report was submitted to the Supreme court on whether they found enough to prosecute Modi. They raised flags but said "not enough to prosecute". The amicus curaie of the supreme court came to the exact opposite conclusion upon reading the report. That's the extent of the clean chit. Case is still pending in lower court.

Judging by your sentence formation you have a decent education. Use it. Let marketing convince you what toothpaste to buy. Don't let it make you judge the make-up of your prime minister.

Rational Crusader

Great write-up. We really have to look beyond the words and look at the track record, which goes way beyond Godhra.

Modi's reinvention is the reason why the #1 professional advice I give folks is "public speaking, public speaking, public speaking". If there is only one bleeping skill you hone and keep, let it be this. Makes fools out of the best of men.

Preg D. Sembowler

This is the best article I have read today. Compared to the one by Pankaj Mishra, and the one by Moni Basu, and the one by Suzanna Arundhati Roy. It is so good to find someone who knows so much better than all those 331 million ignorant Indian voters. And those 12 or so silly Judges on the Indian Supreme Court. Or the 10 million voters in Gujarat who voted Mr. Modi back to power three times by increasing majorities, since December 2002. Great that you, sitting in America, are so knowledgeable about the ground realities in India!

It is so good to see that you have so many who are as impressed as I am with your article. Now all I need to see is your understanding of the concept of free speech. Any better than old Herman G, dear?


LOL maam. Heartburn is a treatable condition. Prilosec 20 mg once a day will set you on the road to recovery.


Modi is doing a good job for Indian and all the mankind now. If you have any problem with his administration why don't you go to India and organize a group and protest like people doing now in HongKong. You are barking in a wrong place. No one cares about your concern because we are confident that Modi is a pragmatic person and he will do the right thing for all.


Dear Anu

I mostly agree with the article you have written and also admire your logical responses to the comments above where you have maintained dignity and composure.

A lot of people have missed the point that the article is directed more towards Indian Americans than at Modi. The blind worship that is being seen now is disturbing. People are not that mad about Modi even in India. He definitely has the potential to do well and has started well. He has openly stated that his focus is 'toilets' and not 'temples', which is a big difference from the other hyperbole spouting politicians we have.

However I disagree with the way you have set up the tone of the article. I quote:

"I’d just interviewed a Muslim man who’d been set on fire by a mob. He lay in a simple concrete hut covered in second degree burns in soaring temperatures, clearly suffering, but too afraid to get to a hospital.

Pregnant women had been disembowelled that fortnight. A senior Muslim Congress leader had been torn to pieces in public, his multiple calls to the police and authorities mysteriously ignored.

I showed Mr. Modi the photo of the burnt man on my boxy digital camera – his skin had become a tight pink mask devoid of hair – and asked the then chief minister what he would say to him.

Mr. Modi showed no emotion or concern. He simply stated that medical care was being provided, a fact not evident in the make-shift shelters for those who’d been violently hounded from their homes."

Your question to Mr. Modi was a rhetorical one. His answering or not answering your question would have made no difference to the pain or discomfort of the burnt man. Tell me also, if Modi had answered your question, would you have gone back and reported the answer to the burnt man? I don't think so.

Secondly, Mr. Modi was dealing with an emergency involving thousands of people. He could not have allowed himself to get emotional about a single man and let it affect his productivity or efficiency. When you are a leader you do not do everything yourself. You ARRANGE for things to be done. If Modi said Medical care is being provided it should not be taken to mean that medical care will reach all people requiring it instantly; it means that he has given instructions that Medical care should be provided and people are expected to follow it. If you did not find evidence of Medical care it does not mean that 'no medical care was provided' it just means that it was not there WHEN you interviewed the person.

I am not defending Modi in any way, but the article would be more objective if it were not prefaced with the above mentioned paragraphs.


Having lived in Western countries most of my life, I have observed a minority of Hindus (like the lady who wrote this article) feel they have to abuse anything related to Hinduism to prove they "fit in" with the white crowd. These people have a deep rooted inferiority complex about their roots and now seeing a Hindu leader rising on the world stage (who also states openly he is proud to be a Hindu)gives people like this lady massive "khujli" and "takleef".


Most Indian american share a lot in common when it comes to emotions about India. We all want India to succeed, eliminate corruption, grow economically, be a clean place to live and on and on. Whenever we go back home, there are so many things we crib about - from power cuts, to bad roads, poor quality and supply of water etc. etc. We see Modi as the biggest hope to even think about improving the conditions in India. Previous governments have tried their best to do exactly what is best for themselves and bad for the people of India and clearly, everyone, living in India or outside is tired of it.

Talking about your point about 2002, I don't even know why people can't move on. Even if I were to believe that Modi had some involvement, I would still want people to not talk about it anymore. If someone goes to jail, people like you will never want them to back in the society because you will always typecast them for their past. In this case, the supreme court has found him not to be guilty, even though the opposition parties tried super hard to convict him. There have been no riots of any kind in Gujrat after 2002 (am sure you don't want the likes of Mulayam Singh and Mayawati to run the country). Why don't you talk about that? Why don't you talk about the development and all the good work that Modi has done in Gujrat in the last 15 years? I think we are so used to seeing and talking negatives that anything positive and good is always seen with the same eye.

Supporting Modi has nothing to do with religion. If that were true, BJP would have won the previous 2 elections they lost. We all see a ray of hope in him that will transform India in the right direction.

I see nothing wrong with having language/caste loyalties. How many Chinese/Koreans/ have you seen that are not loyal to theirs? Why would't you admit that its natural human tendency to be that way. I work in a diverse place where i see people from all communities but they all have tendencies to talk in their native language whenever they find someone that can speak their language. Whats wrong with that? I somehow believe that you have not interacted with people outside of ABCD community and can't relate to everyone else out there. They are all doing the same thing. Indian Americans are no special!

Vinusha Doss

Why don't you write about Bhopal Gas Tragedy where millions of Indians were killed. May be u can use ur superior skills to find out how the CEO of Union Carbide escaped India. And ill appreciate you if you can do that too.

Vinusha Doss

Why don't you write about the Bhopal Gas Tragedy too, so we can come to know how the Union Carbide people escaped India for America, killing millions leaving them blind, scared for life with side effects. May be you can use your skills in this area too. I will appreciate your efforts if this too is done by you. Or you just like Modi bashing...and you don't care about Indians in general.


It's amazing that you keep bringing up the Gujarat Riots and holding Modi personally responsible for it. He has personally been found "Not Guilty" by the Supreme Court of India and through the findings of a Special Investigative Team appointed by the Supreme Court (and this under a Congress Government). To find a man Guilty (in spite of a Supreme Court ruling to the contrary) simply through his reaction to a photo shown to him by "just another" reporter is absurd.

I accept that he is not the perfect human being. He could be autocratic, egoistic, etc. But he is a great Leader who has it in him to inspire a whole nation and to change their perception of themselves... and that is what India needs at the moment. Never before has an Indian Leader commanded the respect that he has commanded not only in the US but also during his visits to Japan, etc. As an Indian, I see great hope and a bright and secure future for our country under Modi's leadership and also a much cleaner, prosperous, educated and brighter and more self confident India. One dynamic man at the top can transform a complete nation (like what Lee Kuan Yew did for Singapore)

You also speak in your comments about Rajdeep Sardesai getting roughed up by Modi supporters in the US.. but you choose to conveniently ignore the fact that Rajdeep was the one who initiated the whole thing by first cursing him and then pushing him (there is video evidence to prove this).. if anyone is to be blamed then it is Rajdeep himself...

As a journalist.. you cannot afford to be biased in your reports. You are supposed to put forth the Truth... not your personal opinion, especially when you choose to ignore facts like you seem have done in some parts of your article.


From a 'No-Modi' person to a supporter has been an long journey for me. Quite simply India was bereft of a strong national leader for a long long time. One who articulated a vision for the nation and was seen to be capable of working tirelessly to execute it. One who could inspire a large part of the population that is apathetic, to respond to his call of Development. It found one. Gave him an absolute majority. In the last 60 years India has seen scores of 2002's under the watch of yet powerful Political leaders of non-communal credence. Modi's answers on communalism and Indian Muslims after becoming the PM, and the huge Muslim following he has among scholars, businessmen, journalists etc, do not corroborate with the charges he's been accused of. The Indian Supreme Court is not a puppet institution. So lets move ahead optimistically towards better governance & growth


"Modi was emotionless when told of the Muslim man with 2nd degree burns"..WTF..what did you expect a chief minister to do - start crying and run out of his office to try and be a doctor for this man..
I think the West is now genuinely scared that there has finally emerged a leader who might put India on the world power map & hence you try and spread all these nonsensical articles containing half truths and your own retarded view points.


May this article help more people to speak up for truth and against propaganda.


another ingenuous trying to justify one side of the full picture.. good job. this will surely get you more visits to your blog.


This is THE most retarded secularist tripe I have read in last few days. Congrats. You will make a great "journalist", like Sardesai and Barkha Dutt.


Narendra Modi was not denied US visa for 2002..atleast get your facts right...u people r a disgrace to this society...coming up with your half baked stories....

He was denied visa because he prohibited forceful conversions being carried out on a large scale by Christian Missionaries........

And people like you should go and lick the asses of your so called surviving victims of 2002....

Varun Shekhar

The US has traditionally never had a serious problem with Saudi Arabia, where anything non-Islamic is banned publicly. Nor with Pakistan, which is a blatantly anti-secular, anti-plural country. So why raise objections to Narendra Modi, who is a democratically elected leader, and who has not forsworn secularism and pluralism.

India, including the so called Hindu right, has a longer tradition of accepting and acknowledging different religions as legitimate paths to revere the divine. The US in its 237 years of independence does not, and only recently has there been any recognition at all. Hindutva does emphasise the Indic/Hindu quality of India, what's wrong with that? What's the long term danger?

Nitin Warikoo

Madam,while I appreciate the courage with which you have projected findings of even Supreme court of India's about Modi's involvement in Gujarat Roits to be wrong. I fail to understand whether did you actually also meet the victims of Godhra train massacre if anyone was alive or did you click the pics of the burnt bodies also which were beyond recognition.By mentioning babri structure I understand you will get more hits on your blog but I wish if you could have gone deeper into the history of that structure, you would have found it actually to be a Hindu temple and which was converted to a Mosque. The disputed structure itself was built over thousands of Hindus massacred in cold blood. Wish a better analysis of both sides of the coin could have been done but yes that wont give popularity.


Thanks Barkha Dutt for the wornderful article

Bandu More.

Dear Anu Anand : In my humble opinion you have an issue with your parents.How they have brought you up or how they have lived in U.S. has mirrored all in your blog.But you gotta consider,they have immigrated to U.S.for a better life or in the best interest of their kids.It's not easy to leave your motherland and settle in foreign land as a first batch immigrant.You have no consideration what they have gone through.You must have been torn between Indian culture and American culture. A kind of a confused person as most of the next generation American Indian are.Once in front of me one
of the Indo American kid called Bajarang Bali or Hanuman a "monkey god " and that is enough to explain.
You should develop a respect for Indian supreme court who has cleared Mr.Mody. So you should move on and stop bringing up that topic again and again.That doesn't show a budding journalism to bring something up that is irrelevant to what has happened to Rajdeep Sardesai at Madison Square.Actually there are many video clips that talk something else.But I would give a benefit of doubt to Mr.Sardesai him being once a top media personality.How ever he shouldn't have lose his temper as it's evident in the video.
NRI are as interested as R.I(Resident Indians)in the welfare and progress of India.They would have support the loser party leader Rahul Gandhi too at Madison square, had there not been massive corruption in last 4/5 years during their tenure. I would suggest you to focus on the governance of Mr.Modi and write blogs on it in future rather than going in the mindset of NRI .NRI are not anti India.Thanks a million.
Regards and all the best.

hasmukh mehta

What a stupid way interpreting?
And fanatically equating
Mr. Modi for riots in 2002
Where as pilgrims burnt alive by pre-planned mobs?

How can you pin point his role
When highest court of the land has found nothing?
Play no communal card when we are at peace
See the Gujarat your self and its people

The propaganda war is at its height
It is not at all correct
You may have bias against powerful personality
After so many years of wait, India has found son in nobility

How Muslims can not be blamed?
For engineering such a raid?
On innocent pilgrims
Who had nothing but only religious whims?

You have no words against Sikh carnage?
They were butchered in day light with political badge
If it was taken in light context
Why Mr. Modi be blamed for no role in any text?

Stop playing against public sentiment?
He is popularly elected to present
The mood of the people
Who has waged age old struggle

Let Muslims take vow?
To show
That they shall never be playing against interest
Of mother land o which they shall sacrifice as best


Dear Author,
The very moment when you label another group of people as Modi "maniacs", you are actually imposing the very radical ideology you think you are standing against.
Secondly, a low IQ moron has much less credibility than my country's judiciary.
Let me assure you, that in 10 years of congress rule, no one could find an iota of culpable charges against Modi.

I request you to go through the detailed reports of SIT and various other commissions.
Your selective stating of facts is plainly ridiculous.
Also, read "The Godhra Riots: Sifting Facts from Fiction" written by Nicole Elfi.

Also, be advised the Muslims were already safe, had they not killed the Hindu women and Children by burning them alive in a train.

The reaction to this action will be seen in any country, where a majority population is hit by a minority population. Perhaps you failed to see, how the Americans are killing millions of innocent Muslims in Middle East. Your folks killed my country men in the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Your country gave pakistan the "teeth", with which they killed many of us.
Your country killed millions of vietnamese et al. Given such a history, I advise you not to preach us, what we should follow.
Secondly, BJP is not based on division politics. Be advised, there are > 48 MP's in BJP who are Muslims all across India.

I will tell you one more thing. When I was at school, I had very low IQ kids as my co-students. I had sympathy for them, because they were kind of dumb. And couldnt fare well in Science,Mathematics, Economics et al. As a result , they used to choose liberal arts and fine arts. Simply because the processor of their minds were too slow to process complex equations and physical phenomenon. You, Miss Anand remind me of those dumb kids.
I trust my Supreme Court, than a third rate attention seeking journalist, or whatever you are.


By avoiding answering Grangor's questions you have proved that you have not researched on facts. Oh! yes you are a new age "journo". Lets do this exercise: ask all your journo club members to take photos of victims of riots and show it to the leaders at power at that time ( I am talking across the world). Collect all the responses, lets see whose response makes you "feel good" about the leader. You would have branded Modi as guilty if he had reacted emotionally (by interpreting it as him accepting the responsibility). You are a disgrace to journalism by giving not giving facts. Why don't you provide a comparative study? Say, show Sikh's photos to Congress leaders? Did you show photos of victim's of Assam riots to Tarun Gogoi? Have you even stepped into UPs riot hit areas? You are just one more of Scotch club of New Delhi


Found this blog a bit Hippocratic.
America has a history of going to war on Iraq based on lie. I am yet to see a single court even starting a proceeding against Bush for this and killing of lacs on Iraqis. What's your take on that? Same goes for Afghanistan. Once a proud nation, has now been left in shambles because of upmanship between two superpowers. What protest or media bickering the respective governments faced back home?
What happened in Gujarat is tragic and condemnable. But FYI..250+ Hindus aslo got slaughtered. More than 20,000 Hindus were massacred in Hyderabad State by Razakars before its unification in Indian Union. Somehow, the history starts a decade ago for few.

America has been good in its own soil with its own citizen, but has been responsible for millions of deaths across the globe. I am sure you would call this duplicity too. Isnt it?

And I am not a Modi supporter neither a troll...just a citizen who has seen bad days and looking for a change for 1.2 Billion citizen. Please don't typecast every opinion or disagreement people may have.

Wishing you best!


I just want to say...
Has any political leader done anything good till now???
Modi..brought some good changes.
And I m happy to see India changing..

And NRI point is absolutely correct..
Move on and make future bright..

I guess even author of this article would have made mistakes in her life time..
Should we just grind about it or we should see the good things you have done..

If you think Modi should not be focused so much.
Then, u don't have any point.
At least this guy trying to pull country forward.
Correcting our economy.
And about US.. I don't know much..
But, ur major income comes from selling ammunitions..unlikely India sells its good like rice , tea, iron ore etc..

See guys I m not accusing anyone.
But, at least look at bright side of everything.

This guy at least brought down increasing prices.
Happy to see him as Prime minister
And I guess he deserves it more than anyone...

Rest NRI comment are remarkable..
He must be well versed with indian n American history..
He knows everything...

Keep up NRI


I just loved Anu anands comment. Definitely a fitting reply to the article which the author has written without conclusive evidence.


I just loved the reply from Grangor on the comments. Definitely a fitting reply to the article which the author has written without conclusive evidence.

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