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01 October 2014


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Be Advised, that very moment when you label someone or a group of people as "maniacs", you have actually subconsciously following the same maniacal ideologies.
Be Advised, despite of 10 years of congress rule, they didnt find evidence against Modi.

Compare the proceedings of this with that of investigations of 1984 Sikh Massacre. Not a single Minister was ever charged. Whereas in 2002 Riots case, Maya Kodnani and Bajrangi were behind bars, after charges were proved. Modi didnt interfere in the investigations carried out by SIT and CBI.

When they failed, then Teesta Setalvad tried to interfere, she pulled in Top cop RB Sree Kumar. This same RB SreeKumar falsely charged Nambi Narayan in the ISRO spy scandal. There were several charges proved against Sreekumar, and Nambi Narayan's honor was restored by the court. But the Congress dropped charges against Sreekumar.

Overall, effective spy sabotage of GSLV rocket tech had been carried out by Foreign hands, this is well documented in the book : "Spies from Space:The ISRO frameup"

So, now the question was what was Sreekumar doing as Modi's state? why was he transferred there? And why had he teamed up with Teesta?

The courts of India found Teesta of trying to mislead courts and fabrication of evidences.

Be advised, this is a serious charge in a democratic judicial system.

Please read some independent unbiased reports on the matter for god sake. e.g. SIT reports, Court rulings and Nicole Elfi's report.

Just because, we have a different opinion than yours, doesnt make us 1. Wrong 2. Maniacs.


Anu, Sweet Anu, Prejudiced Anu, Kashmiri Anu, Indian-American Anu, Hopeful Anu… all these shades are visible here in the article. I am no great follower of blogs and neither do I comment, this just popped up and definitely needs some support, some applause while some corrections and answers from you are also expected.
Lets begin with an Applause: Even though the undertone of the scripture is based on anti-Modi foundation, you still want him to succeed, not because he is Modi but because he is promising a welcome change. Had it been a Mr. / Mrs. / Ms. XYZ you would still want him/her to succeed. You deserve a loud applause.
Typical Indian applause follows loud slogans, indicating support, so lets continue the tradition. You want all NRIs to regroup as Indians and not divided over cast, creed, religion & language, a big kudos to you on this.
Moving on to some corrections: I am not a journo but depend upon your clan to gather my information.
So Mr. Modi was rejected visa by US because of religious violence in 2002, do you really mean this? I expect a journo of your stature not to go on face value of the things and more to it come clean if in know of the truth (not because it affects the truth but because the lot which follows you is exposed to the truth and hatemongers don’t get a scoop out of your researched stories). Writers whom I follow portray a different story. It was a group of Indians, with powerful pro-Pakistan lobbying (US needed Pakistan for their War Against Terror), made this happen. The group is supposed to be self-declared humanitarians, leftist in nature and sponsored by Modi-haters. So it was anti-Modi Indians who avoided his US visit, US administration was just a way to secure it. (You might ask, what were Modi bhakts doing at that time – Well you are a journo, please find the truth and let us all know)
Religious & Ethnic Loyalty? I am sure you were cooking when camera panned over MSG crowd. Rest of us could see Indian diaspora from all religions, languages, parts and ethnic backgrounds. At MSG, Muslims – so called Modi-deprived, were equally involved as any other Hindu, South Indians supporting a so called North Indian, NRI of 40 years shared same pride with a fresh migrant. I am really sorry you missed it.
Regarding Rajdeep, yes every Indian should feel ashamed for the incident after @$$#0l_e found a new low in Rajdeep. Continuous ranting of 12 years was taken head-on within 12 minutes and Rajdeep lost his cool which resulted in a rough-up. I am sure you will agree to this after watching videos released later (please voice your opinion on this)
Urdu is sweet language and it has nothing to do with any language. I understand it runs in your family since generations. Now when you want love and follow your traditions, how can you ask others to stop going to Graba & Bhangra? Why should someone not feel proud about his historical, cultural & lingual heritage?

Now the clarifications from your side – Hope we get some answers…
1. You interviewed a Muslim, photographed a burnt Muslim – did a perfect job. You are a journo, not a lawyer to file a case (as replied to somebody) – why dint you turn a witness during the case? No need to be an expert, nor require to have tools, let the justice prevail…
2. You say you can travel, write, talk to people, judge quality of info, etc.: are Karsevaks, burnt alive in train, not worthy of your mention? Did you travel to their families, their towns, talked to their dependents, understood the mood and with your vast ability of judgment did you put it in context? If the answers to these questions is negative then I am sorry Anu you are neither travelling, nor talking, nor judging and far from hopeful: not putting things in right context.
3. Have other Americans, except Indians Hindus, in process of transformation, sacrificed their beliefs? Had it been so, Republican Party would not exist in USA, let alone a chance to elect a Republican President.
4. Residents or not, why does your Indian history stop at Ambedkars & Gandhis & Arya Samaj? Why should it not range back till Rana Sangas & Rana Prataps to Chatrapati Shivajis & Rani Lakshmi Bais to Tipu Sultans & Guru Gobind Singhs?
5. If we talk about modern history how & why do you forget the contribution of RSS in successfully employing all inclusive social agenda? Let Indian diaspora know more about the organization and others working in the field. Would you be interested to take a closer look at what RSS does in real life?
6. You were born in Kashmir and your elders took interest in Urdu, open to correction, you are a Kashmiri-Punjabi. Why did your family leave the valley? If only the answer is personal I am not interested. But if it is terrorism in Kashmir, why don’t you write more about those responsible to deprive you of your home?
7. Last but not the least, courts in India have acquitted Modi in Gujarat riots case, will your ilk accept it? Why do you have to mention 2002 horrific incidences to Modi while he is found clean by judiciary and especially when he is showing a bright future for India & Indians? Or as Rajdeep; you are also prejudiced to tarnish Mr. Modi’s image, or is it simple enough – you are singing the tune of your political & professional bosses?

American Eagle

Anu - you write that your parents voted for Obama because the Democrats are more inclusive? You then went on to contrast that with supporting Modi.

You need to ask them whether a) they had any idea what Obama's resume, background and experience was when they voted for him, b) if they own a business, would they hire someone with his resume to run their business, c) have they noticed the mess he has made of the US economy, d) have they noticed the mess he has made of US foreign policy, and d) that the country is more divided than ever before due to his uber-partisan attitude and rhetoric.

You need to listen to Bill O'Reilly's interview last night of Leon Panetta, who was CIA Director and Defense Secretary under Obama, to see how Obama's incompetence and political self interest led to the resurgence of ISIS and the thousands of deaths at their hands.

Haz Khan

Amazing and thoughtful article clearly depicting the way Indian minds work... We Indians are extraordinary human beings who follow various religions, cultures, many Gods and make a living soul (or a AxxHxxe) too, A Godly figure.

"Har Har Modi" has raised questions in mind to the level people go to equate a person. An extremist who studied RSS ideology closely and promoted it rigorously all his life, today has reached to a different level. What he has done, no other PM has done so far and that is "Advertising himself" so very effectively before in India and now at Global level.

All this while it's just a talk and rolling out pending works/projects that is getting him the desired attention but he has to talk about the efforts that has been initiated from his Government now that has made or about to make 'a change' in a common man's life in India. Also, at the other end, I see a silent but effective background campaigning continuing on spreading hatred and communal divide. The recent cases and improper speeches from his own Ministers is a visible prove to dismantle the very structure of secular India.

Inflation, Poverty, Water scarcity, Power, Infrastructure, Housing for Poor, Agricultural growth, Industrial upliftment, Better Education, Future for Unemployed Youths, National security, Sharing the List of names that he is sitting on having Black Money abroad and many more are the concerning topics that he should talk about rather than trying to become 'Mama Modi'. His time has already started to move quickly on these subjects rather than continuously giving 'Gyan' and utilizing the National resources for his own Individual Branding !

An all-round effort to the above points will only help to take India to 'India Shining' stage rather than mere hollow promises. I'm sure everyone look forward for a progressive secular India instead of Hindu Rashtra... as that only can well define 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikaas" slogan !!!


Your article is devoid of the facts. First you did not mention that over 360 hindus died in gujarat in 2002 during riots. If Modi and his Govt was complicit in riots then with 90% hindus in gujarat along with state machinary, i dont think 8% muslims can even make a dent on hindu community leave aside killing in 100s. You are a writer, and not a mathematician so its logical to accept that you can not think logically.

second over 150+ people died in Police firing during riots - of which majority were hindus and not muslims. Again if Modi was a hindu fanatic then his cops would not kill more hindus than muslims. You were devoid of these facts in your article too

third, compare the 2002 riots with 1993 mumbai, 1989 bhagalpul, 1984 sikh and 1969 gujarat riots. you would find that maximum people were killed by police in 2002. Maxmimum convictions to riot crminals have happened during 2002 riots and maxmimum number of poeple are facing life imprisionment.

These are the facts... people love Modi for his honesty and integrity towards nation and not for 2002. People hate modi for 2002 riots


truth cannot be accepted in india, as a saying goes.." people do not like to hear the truth , since their illusions will be destroyed.. " so however journalists like you, reveal the truth about this modi..people do not like it, after all , a goat always like the butcher rather than the good samaratitan who wanted to save it from slaughter..

Anu Anand Hall

Dear readers, apologies for the late response. Your comments have been coming in faster than I could moderate them, and I’ve been far away from a working internet connection the past few days.

I won’t be able to respond individually to all of you, though I have tried my best, as I appreciate you’ve taken the time to read and comment, even if we don’t all agree. So I’ll make a few final points below and leave you to carry on if you wish.

• For those of you who think I wrote this to increase traffic to my blog... frankly, writing a post on the 10 best sex positions would have served me better. Actually, I didn’t even tweet this post, and did nothing else to promote it. I’m not even sure how most of you found it. If you’ve read it, it’s because you wanted to; and if you want to, you can also scroll down and read far less controversial posts on teaching kids Hindi, growing plants on a rooftop in Delhi, mulberries, composting, cultural clashes with household help in India, Holi, etc etc etc.

• Some of you object to my use of the word ‘maniacs’. In hindsight, I do take your point and agree that it is, perhaps, too derogatory a word. My apologies. In truth, I couldn’t resist the alliteration.

• Lots of you have attacked my parents for not raising me properly, have called me ‘confused’, accused me of ‘trying to fit in with the white crowd’, called me prejudiced, feeble minded (hence I majored in liberal arts and not medicine or engineering). Your comments speak for themselves. I have nothing to add.

• Some of you have made bizarre connections, like ‘my parents voting for Obama’ equals me totally backing Obama, all his decisions, and all American foreign policy. Sorry, don’t know where you got that.

• This piece was about how a) India handles communal violence – those of you pointing out the facts of the Sikh riots are right. We are making the same point using different examples, a point I included in my piece, but one which appears to have been conveniently ignored. Here’s a column that puts it far better:

• and b) more personally, it was about Indian immigrants in America using different morals to suit different identities, which I personally believe is wrong. For those of you asserting that I’m telling you ‘not to send your kids to garba or bhangra’ ... let me clarify: I have no problem with Indian folk dances. I did plenty myself as a kid and enjoyed them. My point was that this skin-deep practice of what it means to be Indian shouldn’t substitute for an informed opinion about one’s home country/culture. It’s precisely the same criticism levelled at Americans that I’m sure many of you would agree with, namely that playing baseball, eating burgers with gusto and pledging allegiance to the stars & stripes is not what being American is ultimately about.

• Ditto: Urdu. Forgive me, I didn’t see the ‘communal’ subtext (i.e. that Urdu is a ‘Muslim’ language- albeit one of India’s many official languages) until some of you accused me of trying to corrupt your children by suggesting they learn it. My point was that they ought to be exposed to India’s deep plurality, its multiplicity – in language, culture, history. I might just as easily have said Konkani, Naga, Bengali, Punjabi, Marathi or Telegu. I’ve personally had more exposure to Urdu, hence the reference.

• For those of you informing me that Narendra Modi was ‘acquitted’ or found ‘not guilty’ of any blame for the riots.... only one person, ‘Rational Crusader’ correctly points out that he wasn’t acquitted, because he was never tried. For more on the Supreme Court’s Special Investigation Team and the questions it never pursued/answered, this is worth a read:

Finally, may I just say that whether positive or negative, rude or amicable, I have benefitted from this exchange with each of you. I fully, deeply appreciate the abiding feeling most of you expressed, that you want India to succeed, fundamentally. I couldn’t agree with you more, even if I don’t quite share your optimism of a strong leader’ transforming a country as big and complex as this economically and socially by some kind of personal conviction (especially not when that includes a right-wing religious identity and politics). That kind of fundamental change takes a few generations, hence my view that the answer lies in each of us. Balle balle, y’all.

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